Sense of the Terrific.

Sense of the Terrific.

I'd never been up close and personal with a phrenology head before this month. I didn't know how incredibly specific they were! I love these categories.

Hope: Hope Future. Hope Present. Speculation.

Conscientiousness: Justice. Integrity. Circumspection.

Ideality: Expansiveness. Refinement. Perfection.

Sublimity: Grandeur. Sense of the Terrific.

Cautiousness: Prudence. Solicitude. Timidity.

Around the ear it's even more peculiar.

Desire for Liquids.


Desire for Solids.

Destructiveness: Executiveness. Extermination.

Mastoid Process.


In case you wondered, vitativeness is defined as: (1) the love of life and fear of death; (2) the organ serving as the seat of instincts of self-preservation. And alimentiveness is the desire to eat, or the instinct to find, food.

It's times like this I would like to have access to the Oxford English Dictionary online, because I would very much like to know if phrenologists made up those two words. They sound made up. I guess all words are made up, but those sound particularly made up.

I have examined the area about my left ear, and I have a slight bump right between "solids" and "executiveness." Judging by this, as well as personal experience, it seems that I feel a sense of authority as to when to feed myself and possess the ability to carry out my designs in that general arena. To wit, I know when it is snack time and when it is not snack time.

It is currently snack time.

Photos by me. Used with permission from the bumps on the Sense of Character: Display segment of my skull.

Forty years

Forty years

Cotton is not a name for a person

Cotton is not a name for a person