Alpaca Extravaganza

Alpaca Extravaganza

It's emotionally traumatic to read the news right now, so let's take a few minutes to bask thoughtlessly in alpacas. Just scroll up and down until you feel better.

Look at this beauty.

Funny how people chewing with their mouths open makes me want to punch them, but if it's an alpaca, I can't get enough.

Be still my heart.

Behold the grace and dignity of the alpaca.

They don't even look entirely real.

Which is what I thought when I first saw an alpaca (this one): WHAT IS IT?

My next thought was: IT'S WONNNNNNDERFUL.

If I ever got an alpaca it would be a Suri alpaca. They have fashionable hair and also they remind me of Sir Ian McKellan which, though inexplicable, is soothing.

Surprise alternative livestock!

Wait for it...

Alpaca bellyyyyyy!

Surprise alternative belly!

Wait, what's happening.

Somehow this became a post about animal bellies. Ah, well.

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